Dawn Code has been described by some people as the “most passionate tester” they have ever met. She identifies as a “dev/tester”, one of those rare people who enjoys coding, though not enough to do it as the job she gets paid for.

Dawn is a lifelong learner who often deep dives into cross-functional topics, finding the 10,000 the ways to “not invent a lightbulb”, eventually working her way into fully ‘grokking’ it.

Her professional career began in bioinformatics, which allowed her to marry her 2 “first loves”, genetics and software, and has taken her on a journey from test manager, through full-time developer, and back into testing, along the way becoming a national speaker in testing and test automation.

Her current role with startup Unspecified LLC encompasses her love of testing and test automation with her future goals of utilizing machine learning and cognitive computing for applications.