Conference Presentations

  Agile Worlds Conference Presentation: “Testing Legacy Applications

  STAREast Half-day tutorial: “Executable Specifications with FitNesse and Selenium

  Agile Conference Tutorial: “Better Story Testing through Programmer-Tester Pairing

  Agile Conference Presentation: “Why Your Selenium Tests are so Dang Brittle, and What to Do About It

  ADP West: Co-taught 2-day Agile Testing Workshop

  ADP East: Co-taught 2-day Agile Testing Workshop

  Keynote speaker at STAREast: Lightning Strikes the Keynotes


  Article with sidebar by Lisa Crispin, “Be the Worst”, Agile Record, Jan 2010

  Article, “Old Habits Die Hard”, Stickyminds, Feb 2011

  Article, “Hiring misses: When we turn someone down for the wrong reasons”, DZone

  Article, “What do you mean, don’t submit bugs?”, DZone

Open source development:

  Developed the .NET plugin for SeleNesse, a plugin for Selenium tests in the FitNesse framework

What’s on my mind these days?

I thought it might be a fun idea to do something a little bit different. I’d like to keep a page that describes the things that are on my mind lately, in bigger format than Twitter, but not quite big enough or formed enough to write a full blog post about.

  • Mutation testing

    Does this require a certain level of team or process maturity?

  • Testing cognitive computing/machine learning

    How does the Watson team test?

  • Mobile testing/ emulators

  • Testers as SME

  • Startups and testing expertise