I was looking just now at all of the tabs that open as my "home pages". One of them, that I'd like to talk about and perhaps get comments on, is Toodledo.

A few months ago, I got all into the whole GTD thing again. I started trying to find GTD software that would help me keep the things I needed to do organized. I read about everything from text files to settings in Outlook to full-fledged standalone software.

Eventually, I chose Toodledo (www.toodledo.com). It's free and web-based. Here are the reasons I liked this particular method:
  • First and foremost, it was about portability. It's web-based, and usually I don't like web-based things for interface reasons, but in this case, the portability outweighed clunkiness. Biggest reason I liked it: It has a mobile site, and I know that I *always* have my Blackberry with me. This way, if I wanted to add things as I thought of them, I could hit the mobile page in the BB Browser and enter my item.
  • Portability, part 2: I have a Mac at home and a PC for work. The Mac is not allowed to go to work. Therefore, any standalone software package that had to stay on one computer would only be available for me to enter items or clear items while I was at home.
  • Features I liked, off the top of my head: short-term goals, long-term goals, contexts, folders, tags .... I could organize things any way I want and customize my view to show me my items in the ways that were applicable to the organization method I chose.
  • Other features: collaboration, due dates, hierarchies ..........
I'd like to hear what other people are using for keeping tasks and goals organized and in their face.